TJ Waterfall: Performing at your best

Want to perform at your best? Regardless of your current fitness level, chances are you’d like to improve something; be it endurance, strength, or general overall wellbeing. In this, ironically, meaty episode TJ Waterfall dives into the world of performance, recovery, and elite fitness. TJ is a registered nutritionist, having graduated with a first class master from University College of London, focussed on elite sports fitness.

Some highlights of our conversation include:

  • Plant protein vs animal protein with a specific calculation for those wishing to build more muscle
  • Amino acids 
  • The best sources of calcium, iron, B12, and Omega 3
  • Anti-oxidants 
  • Gut health and how it affects both performance and recovery
  • The affect of animal products on the body
  • Athletic performance and how, what we eat can impact our fitness 
  • Scientific information showing how we can improve recovery times
  • And so much more


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TJ Waterfall: Performing at your best
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