Episode 2: Seb Alex, Animal Activism & Speciesism

In Episode 2 I spoke with Seb Alex. Seb is an animal activist who dedicates his life to improving the welfare of animals through education. 

Some highlights from the show:

  • Seb’s upbringing in Lebanon and background in architecture
  • Moving to Paris
  • Becoming vegetarian and then vegan after learning about the animal agriculture industry
  • A story he’s never told before about a time when he met a vegan and it changed his life
  • How the dairy, egg and meat industries work
  • His thoughts on hunting and sustainability 
  • His time in slaughter houses being a witness to the killing of animals 
  • Why he promotes a vegan lifestyle
  • Whether or not a vegan diet is a healthy one
  • The character trait test
  • Why buying pets isn’t always a compassionate choice

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Resources mentioned in the podcast: 

Episode 2: Seb Alex, Animal Activism & Speciesism
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