Eden Vegan: It’s easy to be vegan

Tess Eden

Think it’s hard to be vegan? Well, Tess from @eden.vegan joined me in conversation recently to show that simply isn’t the case. Tess, through her Instagram page, shares tasty plant-based recipes, low-waste tips, and advice on switching to a vegan lifestyle. 

Some highlights of our conversation include:

  • Her background and why she adopted a vegan lifestyle
  • Why she started sharing her recipes and advice on social media
  • Her plant-based shopping list 
  • Her take on ethical veganism
  • Why she doesn’t believe that everyone must be perfect
  • Advice for adopting a vegan lifestyle beyond food 
  • Why she believes it’s best to adopt, not shop when it comes to pets
  • The story of her own adopted dog, Pepper
  • And so much more

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Eden Vegan: It’s easy to be vegan
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