CrossFit on a vegan diet: Tui Van Renterghem

Tui Vegan Crossfit girl podcast

In this episode, I spoke with vegan fitness coach Tui Van Renterghem AKA The Vegan CrossFit Girl. Tui shows that building muscle on a vegan diet isn’t just possible: it’s easy. In fact when she switched to a vegan diet, she noticed many positive changes in her health, body, and mindset. 

Some highlights of our conversation include:

  • Tui’s upbringing in Finland 
  • Tui’s journey to vegan eating 
  • Motivations, morning routines, and healthy mindset tips
  • What Tui eats and what she recommends for her clients
  • Tui’s transformation from protein obsessed to an 80-20 approach
  • Life in Bali, Indonesia
  • Being healthy as a vegan 
  • And so much more

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CrossFit on a vegan diet: Tui Van Renterghem
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