Being a healthy, happy, thriving vegan

Today on the show I’m covering off a topic that I think is essential to the vegan and plant-based movement: the focus on being a healthy, happy, thriving vegan. In this episode, I cover: How to take positive steps towards eating more plants. Figuring out what to eat plus meal planning Dealing with criticism from […]

The Vegan Trainer, building muscle on a vegan diet

In episode 10 I spoke to Taylor Patterson AKA The Vegan Trainer about all things vegan fitness, training, and interestingly, compassion. Some of the highlights of our conversation included: Taylor’s upbringing in Canada How his Mum’s transformation inspired him to became a trainer  Working in a butcher’s shop Starting a vegan diet low in calories […]

Episode 3: Vegan Food and Gratitude with Amanda Ducks

In episode three I interviewed Amanda Ducks and got her thoughts on being a vegan influencer, living in the Gold Coast, and her insatiable gratitude for life. Some of the highlights of our conversation included: • Amanda’s journey to veganism• Becoming vegetarian at just four years old• Moving from Melbourne to the Gold Coast• Finding […]

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