• Courtney Myers: A life nourished by plants

    In this episode, I sat down with dietician Courtney Myers of Nourished by Plants to chat about all things health, nutrition, and plant-based eating. Some highlights of our conversation include: Courtney’s switch to plant-based eating An omnivorous diet vs a plant-based one  What food groups are worth considering Why we don’t need to fear carbs Intuitive eating  Finding healthy habits that you enjoy  Being healthy as a vegan  And so much more Follow Courtney Website Instagram 

  • Tess Eden

    Eden Vegan: It’s easy to be vegan

    Think it’s hard to be vegan? Well, Tess from @eden.vegan joined me in conversation recently to show that simply isn’t the case. Tess, through her Instagram page, shares tasty plant-based recipes, low-waste tips, and advice on switching to a vegan lifestyle.  Some highlights of our conversation include: Her background and why she adopted a vegan lifestyle Why she started sharing her recipes and advice on social media Her plant-based shopping list  Her take on ethical veganism Why she doesn’t believe that everyone must be perfect Advice for adopting a vegan lifestyle beyond food  Why she believes it’s best to adopt, not shop when it comes to pets The story of…

  • TJ Waterfall: Performing at your best

    Want to perform at your best? Regardless of your current fitness level, chances are you’d like to improve something; be it endurance, strength, or general overall wellbeing. In this, ironically, meaty episode TJ Waterfall dives into the world of performance, recovery, and elite fitness. TJ is a registered nutritionist, having graduated with a first class master from University College of London, focussed on elite sports fitness. Some highlights of our conversation include: Plant protein vs animal protein with a specific calculation for those wishing to build more muscle Amino acids  The best sources of calcium, iron, B12, and Omega 3 Anti-oxidants  Gut health and how it affects both performance and…

  • healthy vegan podcast

    Being a healthy, happy, thriving vegan

    Today on the show I’m covering off a topic that I think is essential to the vegan and plant-based movement: the focus on being a healthy, happy, thriving vegan. In this episode, I cover: How to take positive steps towards eating more plants. Figuring out what to eat plus meal planning Dealing with criticism from others How to eat out in non-vegan restaurants and peoples homes Taking steps to be vegan beyond just food Taking care of our mental health. 

  • Vegan for 41 years: Harry Bolman (# 13)

    In episode 13 I sat down with Harry Bolman who has been vegan for 41 years. Some of the highlights of our conversation included: What led Harry to adopt a vegan lifestyle The meaning of Ahimsa Living a compassionate life Being an effective vegan The environmental impacts of animal agriculture The ethics of the dairy industry How vegetarianism still results in killing animals How veganism has changed over the years Gold Coast and Brisbane vegan eats Documentaries mentioned: Dominion What the Health The Game Changers Cowspiracy Follow Harry Instagram  Youtube To listen to the whole show check the link below:

  • Rohini Bajekal: evidence based nutrition #12

    In episode 12 I spoke with nutritionist, and Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional, Rohini Bajekal (MA Oxon, MSc Nutrition and Food Sciences, Dip IBLM).  Some of the highlights of our conversation included: Rohini’s journey to plant-based nutrition  Why she doesn’t recommend animal products as part of a healthy diet Why and how plant-based nutrition can be helpful for a range of health conditions Plant-based sources of iron, calcium, and protein What a healthy, whole-food, plant-based diet looks like Easy switches and health upgrades Women’s health Rohini’s father’s journey (Dr Rajiv Bajekal): reversing type two diabetes with a plant-based diet Follow Rohini Instagram  Website To listen to the whole show check the…

  • Eat Move Rest: designing a healthy lifestyle podcast #11

    In episode 11 I spoke with Erin and Dusty Stanczyk from Eat Move Rest about all things health, plant-based living, and veganism.  Some of the highlights of our conversation included: Leading with compassion  Erin and Dusty’s upbringing in Nebraska Health issues and the search for a cure A chance meeting with Dr. Esselstyn A gradual shift towards plant-based eating Finding a healthful, whole-food plant-based diet Youtube, Instagram, blogging and running retreats in Costa Rica Plant-based pregnancy and raising plant-based children  Follow Eat Move Rest Youtube  Instagram (Eat Move Rest) Instagram (Erin) Instagram (Dusty) Website To listen to the whole show check the link below:

  • The Vegan Trainer, building muscle on a vegan diet

    In episode 10 I spoke to Taylor Patterson AKA The Vegan Trainer about all things vegan fitness, training, and interestingly, compassion. Some of the highlights of our conversation included: Taylor’s upbringing in Canada How his Mum’s transformation inspired him to became a trainer  Working in a butcher’s shop Starting a vegan diet low in calories Discovering a balanced whole-food plant-based diet Training tips Leading with compassion Follow Taylor Instagram Website To listen to the whole show check the link below:

  • planty podie

    Chloe Garnham: farmer to plant-based podcaster #9

    In episode 9 I did something different. Instead of interviewing a guest, my husband, George, interviewed me. He was great, and I’d love to have him back on the podie.  Some of the highlights of our conversation included: My upbringing My background in farming and how it’s affected the way I see food Gaining my pilot’s license and law degree Living in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Melbourne My journey to veganism What I’ve learned so far through the podcast My inspirations and dream guests  What I hope the world will look like in 2050 Follow me Instagram Youtube To listen to the whole show check the link below:

  • Dr. Esselstyn Planty Podie

    Dr. Esselstyn: Preventing and reversing heart disease (Podcast #8)

    In episode 8 I had a life-changing conversation with one of the true pioneers in preventive medicine, Dr. Caldwell B Esselstyn.  Some of the highlights of our conversation included: Dr. E’s background What he learned as Chairman of the Breast Cancer Task Force Comparing the western diet with international diets His 12 year nutrition study Changing the way we look at nutrition The relationship between what we eat and our endothelium (and why it’s important) How patients have reversed heart disease (and how you can too)  Whole-food plant-based eating  Follow Dr. E Instagram Website To listen to the whole show check the link below:

  • Masterchef Reece Interview

    Reece Hignell: From Masterchef to Cakeboi

    In episode 7 I had a fun chat with Reece Hignell of Masterchef Australia. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout our entire chat. Some of the highlights of our conversation included: • His journey through two seasons of Masterchef• Switching to a plant-based diet• How plant-based living has positively impacted his health• His business Cakeboi• What it was like to meet idols Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsey• Hs famous encounter with Katy Perry•••• Follow Reece Instagram Cakeboi Website To listen to the whole show check the link below.

  • Episode 6: Fact-Based Nutrition with Dr. Matthew Nagra, ND

    In episode 6 I discussed fact-based nutrition and how what we eat affects our health with Dr. Matthew Nagra, ND. Some of the highlights of our conversation included: • Dr. Nagra’s journey to plant-based living• Success with patients shifting to whole-food plant-based• How the media affects access to information • What’s the data on diets? • Thoughts on meat-heavy diets• The best source of iron • Should we fear carbohydrates? • What’s the data on oxalates? • The effect of saturated fats in the diet• What supplements should we be taking? Follow or contact Dr. Nagra Instagram Website Facebook To listen to the whole show check the link below. 

  • Episode 5: Veggiekins (Remy Park) a wellness journey

    In episode 5 I had an inspiring conversation with Remy Park, @veggiekins, about her journey to wellness through a vegan diet. Some of the highlights of our conversation included: • Remy’s upbringing in Asia• Developing an eating disorder at an early age• Attending high school in Shanghai • Developing unhealthy habits with substances and alcohol• Recovery and her journey to wellness • Why she went vegan and how it’s affected her health • Her focus on creating a positive community • Mental health• Running her own business • How she creates her online content Follow or contact Remy Instagram Website Youtube To listen to the whole show check the link…

  • Episode 4: The next generation with Michael Klaper, M.D.

    In episode 4 I sat down with Dr. Michael Klaper; a physician, an educator, a speaker, and, one of the most influential and well-known doctors in the plant-based space. He’s also one of the kindest––if you listen to just one of my podcast episodes: make it this one. Some of the highlights of our conversation included: • Dr. Klaper’s upbringing on a dairy farm• How the dairy industry works • A love for healing and biology • Practicing medicine and experiences in emergency care• Animal products in the human diet• What drove the choice to become vegan• Leading with compassion• How diet can create either health or disease in the…

  • Episode 3: Vegan Food and Gratitude with Amanda Ducks

    In episode three I interviewed Amanda Ducks and got her thoughts on being a vegan influencer, living in the Gold Coast, and her insatiable gratitude for life. Some of the highlights of our conversation included: • Amanda’s journey to veganism• Becoming vegetarian at just four years old• Moving from Melbourne to the Gold Coast• Finding a healthy diet that works for her• Kindness to others• Being grateful and focussing on what she has, not what she doesn’t• How she became a full-time Youtuber Follow Amanda Youtube Instagram Website   To listen to the whole show check the link below. 

  • How going plant-based transformed my life + 24 pound weight loss

    A decision I made in January 2019 would impact me in ways I could never have imagined. A simple switch from a standard western diet to a predominantly plant-based has been one of the biggest life-changes I’ve ever made. Bigger than the time I moved to New York, or London, or Hong Kong. Maybe even as big as getting married to the love of my life. Going plant-based (and subsequently vegan) is a change that has affected almost every part of my life; not just my weight loss. The beautiful truth, I discovered is that (after two years of skeptical research and fact-finding) was that not only can a person…